TELNET is a professional services company working in Palestine and other Arab countries. TELNET provides end-to-end solutions in IT, telecommunications and smart applications. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who can provide high-end ICT solutions, professional training, technical support and high-tech engineering consultancy services.

TELNET vision aims to conquer ICT industry rankings in Palestine and across International by providing end-to-end ICT solutions and smart applications that keep an eye on future technology trends.

Design and implementation: TELNET solutions are designed based upon a realistic assessment. TELNET’s technical team is qualified to design, implement, manage, optimize, secure and provide professional support for all services provided by our staff.

Services we offer

IT professional services and solutions

    • Data Networking and Security.
    • Datacenter Solutions
    • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
    • Unified Communication and Collaboration services
    • Security Solutions and Security Auditing
    • Professional technical support (on-call, on-line and on-site)
    • Training and Consultation services

Telecom Infrastructure Services & Support

    • Fiber Optics Solutions (FTTH, FTTX)…
    • Radio Frequency (RF), Microwave and WiFi Solutions
    • Radio Base Station (RBS) Solutions and Support
    • Cashing and DPI Solutions.
    • Load Balancing.
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Next Generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
    • Packet Core (AAA, PCRF, IMS/LTE HSS)
    • IP Solutions
    • Transmission Backhaul Solutions
    • Broadband Network Solutions