TELNET employs senior staff to design and build datacenters, including starting from the passive components such as raised floors and ceilings, power solutions (backup UPS’ and generators), cooling systems, access control, cameras and monitoring. Our designs are always keen to minimize power consumption and increase efficiency.

For datacenter’s active components, we create the optimal distribution of cabinets that provides the best utilization of cooling systems and power consumption. We then determine hardware locations based upon the business assessment conducted during the design stage.

For customer services and applications, we can set up your hardware.  We are specialized in Cisco servers such as rack mounted servers, blade servers and blade enclosures. Similarly, we are VMware, EMC and Fujitsu storage partnerships.

TELNET technical staff focus on providing best practices for the optimal use of your resources, which we view as part of your business’ wealth.  We provide a virtualization service for customers servers in order to guarantee high availability of their data, stability, scalability, and  – the most important – reliability of all systems and applications. In brief, our involvement should increase efficiency and decrease costs.

TELNET secures communications and data transmissions between all clients on the network and datacenter. We protect all IT components connecting to your network when going online, and especially allowing ‘casual users’ to access your WiFi service inside your premises. TELNET adopts extremely robust hardware solutions for data security, such as Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and Data Protection solutions.

Part of our core values is to provide the most suitable solution for you, our client.